The Promise Hero - Still Alone
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Track By Track: The Promise Hero “Okay, Cool” Part IV
February 26, 2011

“Still Alone”

There was a point at which we had finished “Fall,” “See You,” “Better Things” and “All These Days” and weren’t really sure of what other songs to approach. We had started recording one idea, which never got anywhere past the guitar tracks. We knew we could hammer out “No Matter What I Do” at any point (which we eventually did), but were unable to commit to a sixth song. Then one day we got together and Bobby played “Still Alone,” which he had completed for the most part, and it stuck.

We weren’t really trying to do anything fancy with “Still Alone,” we just wanted to make a solid pop/punk rock song with minimal parts and catchy hooks. The bell solo was something I played while messing around with ideas for the bridge, but it ended up staying as it grew on us after hearing it back so many times. The original idea was to have a few bell parts going on, played rather sloppily (but in key), to recreate the effect of wind chimes. We settled with two parts (the main solo and a marimba part) which create the same effect but maintain some sort of melody.

One of the most difficult parts about recording this EP was having to rely on a tambourine designed to be mounted on a drum set instead of played by hand. Where a handle should have been, there was only a protruding metal mount which dug into my hand and made it difficult and painful to realize any of my tambourine dreams. Some of this frustration is taken out at the end of “Still Alone,” where the tambourine is heard being thrown across the room after torturing my hand for an entire take.

Okay, Cool is available now on limited edition hand numbered vinyl-top CD. Only 250 were made!

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