The Promise Hero - All These Days
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Track By Track: The Promise Hero “Okay, Cool” Part V
March 6, 2011

“All These Days”

"All These Days" is probably my favorite song on Okay, Cool and (I thought) was the most gratifying upon completion. It began with just the “And I know” melody over some chords, but quickly developed into a complete song sans-lyrics. We proceeded to start recording and the song pieced itself together pretty well on its own.

It is the only song to use an electric guitar (the Stratocaster plucking away during the verses and chorus) and has a sort of country/folk sound that is unique amongst the five others on the EP. Inspired by Cass McCombs’ “Full Moon or Infinity,” we wanted a whip sound to deliver accents where appropriate. A snare drum, some reverb, and an equalizer later, we got it. The guitar solo at the beginning of the song (which reappears after the bridge) was a late addition but turned out to be one of the more memorable parts of it.

“All These Days” was one of the quickest songs to come together after I wrote up some lyrics overnight and we recorded them the next day. It is pretty straightforward lyrically and doesn’t mask much. We weren’t sure how to end the song (when we recorded the guitars I think I just stopped playing) but decided that it might be cool to just “pull the plug” on it. I think the abrupt ending, immediately following the lyric “I wish it all was just a dream,” acts as a sort of waking up moment and provides a proper segue to “Better Things.”

Okay, Cool is available now on limited edition hand numbered vinyl-top CD. Only 250 were made!

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